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What sets Tel Opinion apart.....

Price. Tel Opinion Research is the most cost competitive national polling firm in America. Because we conduct research from our own phone center, the middle man in polling costs is eliminated and you benefit from the savings.

Our full-time staff is led by Research Director Barry Zeplowitz, who manages one of the most efficient polling operations anywhere in the country. While every project is priced differently, we are commonly in the $15 - $17 range on 30 question studies with the client receiving everything they need to help plan a successful campaign.

Technology. Tel Opinion Research has one of the most sophisticated CATI systems in the United States. Designed by Tel Opinion staff, the system allows us to efficiently and accurately present the client with timely results.

Our well-trained interviewers who are with us far beyond the normal "life" of a survey research interviewer, help make our technology even more effective.

Experience. No one has more experience in national polling than the team of Barry Zeplowitz and Bill Lee and few can match the experience of Barry Zeplowitz on State and Local campaigns or Bill Lee's 25 years of political experience.

Barry Zeplowitz has been working with state legislative and local campaigns since 1980. He understands state and local issues as well as anyone in the country today. Taken with the experience of Bill Lee and the strategic insight of Barry Zeplowitz, Tel Opinion is able to offer the ultimate in effective research.

Clients. Our client list represents a broad range of elected officials, Republican candidates at all levels of government, state political caucusĖ and private sector companies in need of quality research.

A sampling can be found on the TOR web site under Client List.

Why Tel Opinion

We are truly in an information age, where everyone needs information collected for their individual needs. Yet quality public opinion research has not been available or affordable to many in critical need of it.

Not to public interest groups, particularly at the state and local level.

And not to the news media. They too, despite a penchant for presenting public opinion, in most instances cannot or do not afford themselves quality public opinion data.

And not to regional or local businesses who are public-opinion dependent.

The major reason for this has been price. Many research companies have high overhead or have set a very high profit margin.

As to quality, many companies no longer operate their own phone centers. Instead, they have farmed this responsibility out to large discount phone centers on the other side of the country. They cannot and do not personally monitor the interviewing process of their interviewers.

Tel Opinion is the positive result of this frustrating situation. It is dedicated to providing quality research at an affordable price.

TOR's overhead is low, its prices lower, its quality just as high, if not higher, than the competition. It has 30 phone stations in house, with centralized monitoring and full supervisory staff. All coding, data entry and tabulation are conducted on site to insure integrity, quality and quick turnaround to the client.

Tel Opinion has another distinction. It does not provide opinions inside its written statistical analyses. The subjective views of the results are provided separately. Although we frequently work through dozens of local TOR representatives who know the general commercial and political environment of the client's area of concern, we specifically try to avoid handing you the view from inside the Washington Beltway, or telling you which way the river runs through your area.

This is our philosophy, to provide low cost quality research where it has not been obtainable previously. We have a set of principles and procedures that benefit both the client and TOR. We look forward to working with new and varied situations each week.

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