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Barry Zeplowitz co-founded Tel Opinion Research and serves as Vice-President and Research Director. He is also President of Barry Zeplowitz & Associates, a New York State based polling firm, which for over 20 years has conducted over 100 survey research projects a year on behalf of companies from both the private and public sector. His firm was founded with a commitment to specialize in affordable market research and maintains a fully monitored 27 phone interviewing facility and data processing center at its headquarters in Buffalo, NY.

Mr. Zeplowitz has conducted public opinion polls in every region of the country including states such as Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Oregon, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

He has conducted many national studies on issues ranging from frozen foods to health care to arthritis medications as well as survey research on environmental and land development issues. In addition he has served as a consultant as well as conducted survey research on public referendum issues on charter schools, city-county mergers and disability services.

In New York State, Barry Zeplowitz has been a strategic planner, media and polling consultant for the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee since 1982. In 1999, he served as the Lead Consultant on the highly successful campaign for Erie County Executive, which saw a Republican win in a county with 125,000 more Democrats than Republicans.

In Illinois, he has worked for the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee and the House Campaign Committee. During the most recent election cycle, he conducted research on behalf of the Republican National Campaign Committee in New York, Pennsylvania, California and Massachusetts.

Barry Zeplowitz, a member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Republican Campaign Professionals, has taught numerous college level courses on political campaigning, strategic planning and polling and is the author of a book on local campaigning entitled, "So You Want To Get Elected". He has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, Hawaii and the Caribbean and resides with his wife, Penny, a former public official, in Amherst, New York.


Bill Lee has been professionally involved in political efforts and campaigns for more than twenty-five years in more than half of the United States, Central America and Africa.

He is an acknowledged expert in campaign planning and strategy and has taught these and other subjects in virtually every national conservative or Republican campaign school, for a variety of professional associations and as a guest lecturer at the Harvard Institute of Politics and American University.

He was involved in several of the Reagan presidential campaigns, as well as in the presidential efforts of Jack Kemp (1988, Senior Consultant), George Bush (1992, Special Projects), Senator Phil Gramm (1996) and Senator Bob Dole (Political Director, Platform Committee). Lee has served as the general consultant for a number of successful congressional campaigns and with successful efforts for gubernatorial and senatorial seats.

Bill Lee co-founded and serves as President of Tel Opinion Research, a political and commercial survey research firm.

Lee has faced Bill Clinton in three gubernatorial contests, winning one, and is the only consultant to have ever defeated him.

His clients have included every major national Republican committee and several major professional associations and corporations.

He is one of the very few nominating convention experts, having successfully managed or consulted on conventions in New Jersey, Virginia, North Dakota, Connecticut and Colorado.

The co-founder and first Chairman of the National Association of Republican Campaign Professionals, Lee continues to build this unique professional, partisan and fraternal organization.

A native Texan, Lee now lives in Northern Virginia.

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