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A Brief History

Tel Opinion Research was formed in 1995 as a national market research company that could provide high quality market research and polling at a fair and reasonable cost to clients in both the private and public sector.

Tel Opinion Research was built around the polling and market research operations of Barry Zeplowitz & Associates; a twenty year old company which conducted over 1,000 research projects ranging from state-wide political campaigns to regional studies on de-regulation of the electric industry in New York State to national studies on consumer products.

Tel Opinion Research has its own 30 phone station operation with centralized monitoring and full supervisory staff to insure a quality result. All coding, data entry and tabulation are conducted on-site so a client can have results within hours of the completion of field work on a project.

Tel Opinion Research is run by:

Barry Zeplowitz, a New York based pollster, has conducted over 1,000 polls across the United States. He has worked in States as varied as Georgia, New York, California, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana and Oregon. His work as a strategic planner gives him the special insights needed to analyze polling data to make a difference in a campaign.

Bill Lee, a national political and grassroots consultant, has worked in over 40 States and is a recognized expert in data analysis and strategic planning. He has been an active participant in initiatives and issues affecting the private sector.

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