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Another great year for Tel Opinion Research and Republican candidates….

Tel Opinion Research’s principles, Bill Lee and Barry Zeplowitz, are proud to announce that in the 2012 November election they helped elect or re-elect over 50 Republican candidates for offices ranging from the Governor of North Carolina to State Senators and State House members across America.

Tel Opinion Research also predicted a 4-point win for Romney (he won by 3%) in North Carolina. TOR was the pollster for Pat McCrory’s successful campaign for Governor of North Carolina and for newly elected Congressman Richard Hudson (NC-8), two major Republican pick-ups in North Carolina. TOR also helped re-elect two Congressmen, several State Senators and a score of House members in the State as well.

In New York, Barry Zeplowitz gave important research advice to re-elected Congressman Michael Grimm on Staten Island and first-termer State Senator Mark Grisanti, who may hold the key to keeping Republican control of the Senate in New York, and three other State Senators. Grisanti won with a 14-point victory in a 2-1 Democrat seat. Barry helped elect 12 State Assembly members, and because of two of our key late tracking surveys, Republicans were able to save two seats that they might have lost.

In Florida, TOR worked with the Department of Agriculture on statewide issues while helping both State Committee and Senate leaders identify voter support in key Senate and House races. TOR also helped a major business association identify a path to victory in a county ballot referendum that will save local taxpayers millions of dollars.

TOR was very pleased to work with South Carolina Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell on several key house races while working with Congressman Jeff Landry to propel him into a December run-off for the hotly contested race in Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District.

Tel Opinion was also active for the House Republican Organization in Illinois, Indiana, Arizona, Maine, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, Rhode Island and others helping candidates and associations make intelligent use of their resources.

We look forward to more Republican wins in 2013.

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